THIS is indeed trying times for us all.

Sadly I well remember being taken into air raid shelters in the middle of the night and

then being evacuated to the countryside until the end of the Second World War.

But, even in these “unprecedented” times the key word was need not greed.

No matter how little anyone had they shared it because we were all in it together.

If people today continue to be selfish ( hoarding unnecessarily) what indeed, does the future hold for us?

The Government, must ensure that the sick,homeless, unfortunate and especially the old are not neglected as it was they who made life possible for those, who can now return the sacrifice


East Kilbride

AS everyone is having to stay home, halt the council tax, and energy companies should be putting a freeze on utilities until this is all over, and where did the council get £10million (Glasgow City Council to use extra £10m to ease budget pressures, Tuesday)?

Thought they were skint.


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A COUNCIL tax suspension would help ease the financial burden of thousands of people!

Gordon Foulds

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SINCE council services will no doubt be cut to the bone, a reduction in council tax would be very much welcome for cash-strapped families over the next few months.

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DAVIE was an extremely talented player and it was a tragedy that he passed away so young (Rangers pay tribute to Davie Cooper 25 years after his death, Glasgow Times online).

Martin Neilson

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I LOVED watching Davie Cooper as a youngster.

His skills were mesmerising. My grandad always raved about him and we were always in awe of his technique whenever he took me to watch Rangers in action.

It’s pity we don’t bring through natural talent like this now-a-days in Scotland.

He’s the kind of player who would get supporters off their seats.



I STILL can’t believe the amount of Old Firm fans who are still arguing online constantly about football.

There’s more to life right now. It’s time to give it a rest and focus on more important matters.

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