WOW. Doesn’t seven days seem an enormity of time right now?

One week ago we wrote: “By the time we have written our next diary next week, things will have changed again and, likely, moved up another notch. Glasgow is going to need every inch of its fighting spirit.”

In the short life of this diary I’m not sure we’ve ever written anything so accurate or important.

Glasgow does indeed need every inch of its fighting spirit right now.

Thankfully, from the majority of people we are encountering, that fighting spirit is glaringly evident in all walks of life.

Most obviously, our healthcare heroes. At every level of our NHS, from lead clinicians to frontline doctors and nurses to NHS24 call staff, each and every one of those people have stepped up to the plate so far. And they are going to need our support more than ever in the weeks ahead.

They are supported by the wider emergency services facing all sorts of challenges which only seem to grow with each passing day.

Across our communities the voluntary and care sectors are putting others before themselves to make sure the elderly, lonely and vulnerable continue to be looked after.

On a local level, neighbours are looking out for one another, takeaways remain open, supermarket staff and shopkeepers are working round the clock to keep us all fed too – we must remember to be grateful to them as well.

I must give a nod to our friends at the Glasgow Times – and other media outlets too – for providing news information we can trust when that is most needed.

The Glasgow Times front page pledge last week was quite something. Thanks!

As the last seven days have passed I’ve noticed the selflessness of people like never before, even down to the small gestures, a return to some basic standards which society should surely always adhere to.

Last but not least, I’d be doing them a massive disservice if I didn’t highlight the true Glasgow spirit of my fellow drivers these last seven days.

Like everyone else, beyond the immediate health concerns, anyone with a family to care for, a house to keep and bills to pay has been rocked with worry following the almost overnight change in economic conditions. We are no different.

Many traditional hires all but disappeared and we have had to turn our hand to all sorts of jobs which simply aren’t what we normally do – but this is no normal. We helped Partick Thistle deliver shopping to elderly fans. We’ve transported emergency medicine to those self-isolating. We’ve even delivered fish suppers to NHS staff with our friends at Coia’s Café – for free by the way.

Free jobs aren’t sustainable but every driver is doing everything they can. So we are grateful to businessman Scott McMillan for his fundraiser which in just two days has raised more than £2000 to provide free taxi travel to NHS staff, which the fund will pay us to deliver at our highest discounted rate.

If one gesture summed up the spirit of Glasgow it is Scott’s – and that of every single person who has donated so far, including a certain Ally McCoist!

We are still out there working as we are part of the solution to help keep people moving, with taxis this week highlighted as the cleanest form of travel during the crisis.

We hope government support will soon help us play an even bigger role in helping Glasgow and the west fight this disease with all our might.

For now, more than ever, we are all in it together!