The Royal Scotland National Orchestra is bringing music-making to households all over Glasgow with a new #RSNOchallenge initiative.

Launching today and continuing every Wednesday at 10.30AM, RSNO musicians will issue a family-friendly challenge through social media to keep children and adults entertained and making music in their very own homes.

Designed with learning in mind, the challenges will encourage children to think creatively and explore sound in unique and exciting ways.

This week, RSNO musicians will be your guide on how to set up a samba band – with a hint that you may want to start in your kitchen.

Other weeks will involve different genres, types of music and different instruments, all able to be made from rooms in the home, and household objects. 

Anyone can take part in the #RsnoChallenge and experiences can be shared on social media. 

Bill Chandler, Director of Concerts and Engagement for the RSNO said: “We want to take kids and grown-ups across Scotland with us as we explore the music in our own home surroundings and really think creatively about how we make music and the power it can have to lift our spirits.

"We will be challenging everyone to be part of our band from their own homes and we are so excited to see what happens because this is unlike anything we’ve ever done before.

“The challenges aren’t going to be easy so they will keep families entertained, but don’t worry you won’t need any training to follow the fun and take part.

"We can’t wait to see you all on Wednesday mornings and look forward to seeing if you are all up to the RSNO Challenge!”

To access the #RSNOChallenge, click on the RSNO socials.