I WOULD just like to add a bit to Margaret Sinclair’s letter on Monday regarding keeping the printers rolling.

What about all the paper boys/girls who bring them to us.

They never fail. My paper boy left me a note last with his phone number telling me to phone him if I need anything.

Bless ‘em all.



WHAT a fantastic article by Ann Fotheringham on the brave men from Lyon Street who enlisted during the First World War.

The efforts of the young pupils from St Joseph’s primary school in creating a memorial garden should be warmly applauded by everyone.

These men gave everything (some their lives) and they deserve to be remembered, especially in these difficult times we are going through just now.



NOW that most of the public are being urged to stay at home to reduce spread of the virus, it appears to me that it could be of great benefit to launch a series of TV programmes to put forward advice to the public which could increase their resilience to thd virus, should they contract it in the coming weeks ahead.

The topics to be covered I would suggest are to some extent fair established good healthy, sensible ones, which may be now much more critical to help protect the public from the virus causing serious health conditions (not to prevent contracting it however of course).

These include: A good balanced diet; reduce or stop smoking and alcohol consumption; taking vitamin D3 supplements; ensuring adequate sleep and exercise; minimising stress.

We surely now have a need and great opportunity to produce TV and radio programmes on this, utilising our health experts and excellent media presenters.

Robert Reid


WITH regards to library staff being called in to work, all the Glasgow City Council staff not currently engaged in essential work should be ordered to go home and be called upon to do whatever tasks are necessary when the time comes.

Gareth O’Neill

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COP26 can’t go ahead until this virus is completely stopped – totally absurd (Police chiefs to hear ‘safe and secure’ COP26 can happen despite coronavirus).

Carol Cameron

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