A WETHERSPOONS in Shawlands has been vandalised following backlash from the public at the company's treatment of employees during the coronavirus lockdown. 

Sir John Stirling Maxwell, on Kilmarnock Road, was sprawled with graffiti saying 'Pay up, Tim' and 'Pay your workers', as well as windows being allegedly smashed according to social media.

Wetherspoons owner Tim Martin had previously told staff that they should expect pay delays during the coronavirus lockdown, until the chain had received the government fund to pay 80% of staff wages. 

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He also advised the 40,000 strong workforce to take up a job at major supermarkets for the time being, telling staff that they could either wait on being paid or find a job elsewhere.

In a video posted on his social media, he said: 

"I know that all our trade now has gone to supermarkets. Not only our trade, but the trade from cafés, leisure centres, restaurants etc.

"So we have had lots of calls from supermarkets, Tesco alone want 20,000 people to join them. That's half the amount of people who work in our pubs."

The company has now backtracked on plans for pay delays after public outcry at the company's treatment of their employees, telling staff that they will now be paid for hours worked last week. 

James Dornan, MSP for Cathcart, claimed that that pub was seemingly open on Wednesday night despite the national lockdown on pubs and restaurants.

In a now deleted tweet, he said:

"apparently a Weatherspoon pub Near me is still open. I really hope that at the end of this the owner is sued if it can be proven anyone got the virus there. He’s easily winning in the disgusting greedy selfish bxxxxxx of the year award so far. "

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However, this was claim was refused by a Wetherspoons spokesman, who said: "We can categorically deny that the pub opened.

“It has been shut, like all our other pubs across the UK, since the government order on Friday.

“Two members of staff were in the pub for a short period in order to secure its security.

“Hopefully the person responsible for the tweet will retweet again with the correct information, especially as the pub has been vandalised this morning, which might be a direct result of the tweet.”