A Glasgow man has vowed to climb the equivelant of some of the UK's highest peaks via his staircase in a bid to beat self-isolation boredom. 

David Sharp, who lives in the East End, has calculated the height of 15 different mountains across the country in steps. 

He explains: "Utilizing my failed intermediate 2 maths, combined with my cabin fever boredom, I have created some calculations.

"I have calculated that (using my own stairs) it takes 6 stair/steps to achieve a height of 1 meter."

David is now challeneging his friends and members of the public to join him in his mammoth challenege. 

Glasgow Times:

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In a Facebook post, he offers advice to his fellow climbers as they make way to their staircases.

He said: "You can add more authenticity by putting on your mountain wear and splashing a bottle of water in your face for weather simulation.

"Refrain from wearing crampons as carpets and flooring are allergic to them."

As well as climbing the equivelant of mountains on his staircase, David says he is also thinking of other ideas to keep himself occupied during the UK coronavirus lockdown. 

He added: "I’m also working on how to put a kayak in a bath and work out how many paddle strokes it takes to simulate a river journey, but that might be taking things too far."

Glasgow Times:

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David tells it is important that we stay away from the mountains throughout the lockdown to prevent further spreading of coronavirus to some of Scotland's most rural areas, where medical resources are already limited.

He added: "During quarantine, we all have to find ways to get by.

"So don’t be a d**k by infecting people in rural areas.

"People who don't have the social infrastructure to cope.

"The mountains will still be there when this all blows over."

Glasgow Times: