FRESH concerns have been raised over the supply of protection equipment for hospital staff amid the Covid-19 outbreak. 

Chiefs at the British Medical Assocation (BMA) have warned doctors and patients will die without adequate resources.

It comes after thousands of generous Glaswegians answered an online appeal for emergency face masks by frontline medics at the Royal Children’s Hospital.

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The BMA said doctors are risking serious illness and death due to a lack of stock, and it warned many more could go off sick unless immediate steps are taken.

They added there is “growing evidence that thousands of GPs and hospital staff are still not being provided with the kit they need to properly protect themselves and their patients”, despite Government assurances.

Dr Lewis Morrison, chair of BMA Scotland, wrote online today: “Appropriate and effective personal protective equipment (PPE) must be available today, tomorrow, next week and for some considerable time to come. 

“We need certainty about the supply of that from the government and health boards. And we need it both in general practice and in hospital.

“Doctors and other staff must be able to do their job safely to minimise the number of us who will get ill and cannot work. But mainly to limit the number of us who might get very sick indeed.”

The warning has been sounded just a day after technicians at the Royal Children's Hospital appealed for donations of 1/2mm A4 acetate sheets to make face visors in order to protect those dealing with patients during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The appeal was launched by Radio Clyde and the station was inundated with responses, later revealing staff had received more than enough equipment now.

However, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde bosses have once again insisted all PPE is quality checked and appropriate.

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An NHS GGC spokesperson said: “These acts by our staff are well intentioned and we are extremely grateful to those organisation who are offering a range of support to our health and social care workers. 

“There is a lot of goodwill at this extremely challenging time and we are overwhelmed by people’s generosity.

“However, it is important that any equipment has been properly tested and approved.  We already have a well established process for sourcing appropriate equipment and we work closely with Scottish Government and National Procurement.

"We continue to strive to get personal protective equipment to the right staff in the right quantities at the right time."