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MAUREEN McKenna, Glasgow's top education boss, has some advice for parents.

She said: “We find ourselves in such extraordinary circumstances at the moment and I don’t want parents and carers to feel that they need to recreate the class room in their kitchen.

“Our children and young people can be learning in so many different ways and as part of everyday life – while the schools are closed, families should embrace active learning – while doing household chores, out on their daily walk, reading a book or watching a film together and by using the educational programmes relaunched by the BBC this week.

“This is not a competition as to which mum, dad or carer can be the most imaginative teacher – concentrate on what’s achievable to meet your family needs and working from home arrangements.

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“That’s why we’ve partnered with the Glasgow Times to publish a series of features with ideas on how you can help your children learn and have some fun too.

“I also know that our school staff are going to great lengths to arrange work remotely for their pupils – sending this either digitally or through the post to help parents and carers with lesson packs.

“I’m delighted to see so many of our education staff and schools engaging via social media with their school communities and to keep spirits up.

“Please don’t worry – just do what you can – we are all in this together and we will come back stronger as a result.”