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PHYSICAL Activity is all around the home both inside and out, says one of Glasgow's top school sports experts.

Andrea Crawford is manager of PEPASS (Physical Education, Physical Activity, School Sport) for the city and today, as part of our Home Times series giving parents support for home learning, she is giving tips on getting children active.

She said: "If we make activity fun, children and young people will learn valuable life skills during this unprecedented time.

"However, we are not in this alone and there are lots of media platforms to help and support.

"Firstly, there is home physical activity in everyday chores parents and children work together to do.

"If you have a fitbit you’ll be amazed at the number of steps you’ll clock up doing household chores."

Here's some examples of what your and your children can do together:

l Clean out your child's bedroom, show them how to change the bed, hoover the carpet, tidy games/toys

l Discover long lost board games or family games – dust off Twister and have a giggle

In the kitchen work together to:

l Wash the dishes

l Prepare food

l Bake cakes

l Separate the washing.

Get out into the garden wrap up and start tidying - it’s been a long winter.

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In the garden work together to:

l Clear the leaves

l Wash the slabs

l Paint the fence

l Clean the garden furniture.

In the drive, work together to:

l Wash the car

l Clear out the car.

The above will certainly give you a workout.

Secondly, fun games:

l Find some chalk to chalk the path/garden/street (following current distancing guidelines).

l Parents could introduce chalk games they use to play or they heard from grandparents like peever or beds

l Chalk an activity course – straight line for balance circles for jumps

l Skipping activities. Who remembers jumping elastics?

l Adapt sports activities - for tennis aim into hoops, buckets, bins

l Go for a walk/scooter/skip/cycle but follow strict Government guidelines on two-metre distances.

Thirdly: Use social media – and follow Twitter/Instagram/youtube/tiktok/GLOW

l PE with Joe Wicks at 9am

l Schools on Twitter are setting up PE challenges – keepie up challenge with the highly sought after toilet rolls (see story below)

l Fitness activities with PE staff

l Elite athletes are posting helpful training hints to follow

l If you follow twitter @PEPASSGlasgow then PE teacher Mr Penman is posting fun activities – he has set some challenges to take part in.

The one thing we do have now is time together, so let’s not stress - and make physical activity fun.