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GLASGOW'S streets erupted with applause for NHS staff fighting the coronavirus outbreak. 

Residents applauded doctors, nurses and other members of the health service on the front line of the fight against COVID-19 in Britian as part of the online "Clap for Carers" campaign. 

Videos were shared to social media of Glaswegians taking to their windows to fill the streets with applause for those working to combat the virus. 

We told earlier today how the idea to Clap for Our Carers came from Annemarie Plas, a 36 year-old Regional Sales Director and part-time yoga instructor living in Streatham. 

She told the Glasgow Times: "I decided to set up the UK version of #ClapForOurCarers last Friday after seeing similar campaigns in France, Spain and in my home country of The Netherlands.

"As the health services in the UK are so stretched of late, due to budget cuts and such like, I wanted to shine a light on the incredible work that the key workers are doing here.

"It is hard to say how far its gone but i've I have received messages from all over the UK and there has been around 5,000 hashtags on Instagram.

"The website was set up in 24 hours and since then the response has been incredible. It's hugely exciting to see so many people get behind #ClapForOurCarers. We have definitely recruited our friends and neighbours, who have all been amazing at spreading the word.

Annemarie added: "Hopefully we can do this every Thursday until the end of May - or sooner, when the situation is settled and the NHS can have some rest."