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WITH the coronavirus causing serious concern throughout the whole of the UK, and the world.

Therefore, why does the UK Government not enlist the help of Army doctors and medics to assist the stressed-out NHS doctors, nurses, ambulance crews and others within the health service?

Also for the duration of the current crisis, unjustified price increases in medical supplies, should be made illegal.

A typical example has been the rapidly increasing cost of anti-bacterial hand gel and many other items, needed to help to save lives.

R Downes

Via email

I WOULD suggest councillors contact the chief executive of the council in respect sorting out the bulk uplift situation for citizens.

There have been no pubic consultation with residents, factors, housing associations or councillors about stopping the service.

The guidance on the council website says if any is left on the street, the council won’t pick it up.

I am sure this wouldn’t happen if someone dumped bulk outside George Square the city chambers.

Name and address supplied

I WAS walking in Glasgow green today for my allotted time of exercise and it wasn’t very busy (Council hit out as public flout lockdown to gather in groups in Glasgow parks, Thursday).

Everyone I saw was obeying the instructions, giving each other a wide berth when passing each other, but I suppose you’ll get the numpties that think they’re exempt from catching this virus.

James Ross

Posted online

FOR some reason, teenagers where I live still think they are immune to the coronavirus.

They still casually play football every day on the pitch at Bishopbriggs Academy with their music blaring, while everyone else remains at home self-isolating.

I’ve heard numerous stories of groups of teenagers just carrying on as if nothing has changed.

Are their parents just ignorant? I just don’t understand.

It’s time for the police

to be out cracking down on these youngsters. This isn’t a game.



THESE homes should have been made available away before now for the homeless (Housing association offers flats to homeless during coronavirus crisis, Thursday).

What’s going to happen once the coronavirus is gone?

Will all these poor souls be chucked out in the streets again? This makes me so angry.

Nicola Borland

Via Facebook

PITY it’s took for this to happen.

These people needed help anyway. What will happen when this is over? Will they be thrown back out again?

Catherine Brown

Via Facebook

IT just shows they had the ability to house them before this and didn’t!

Jac Aitken

Via Facebook

I GET that these are very worrying times and that we all have a responsibility to follow the guidelines.

As we are all at home much more these days, listening to the news can be very depressing so surely the last thing we need is ambulance chasing funeral companies having constant adverts on television.

We are all depressed enough without this in our face constantly.


Via email

ON first glance, Stewart Paterson makes valid points regarding Prince Charles, however there may be a reason he’s in Balmoral. In emergencies assets get split up, so as to ensure if one area is hit badly, the risk is spread.

In this case, the Queen is in Windsor, other royals are spread out for probably this reason. After all, Charles never travels on the same plane with William for this reason.

Graham Keddie

Via email

THIS week has been a real eye-opener with regards to home schooling.

I must say a well done to Joe Wicks for his daily PE With Joe class on YouTube. It’s a great way for my little one to start her day.

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