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A JUNIOR football club that featured as extras in new BBC drama The Nest are using funds saved for fees to support vulnerable families.

OLA Football Club, based in Newlands, are using WhatsApp groups to reach self-isolating families, and club funds to pay small bills or buy supplies.

Coach Joe Meighan, 26 from Glasgow's West End, said: "OLA FC is an amazing and supportive group of people. If anyone needs a wee hand with anything - be that struggling to get to the shops due to work commitments, dealing with family illness or just need a wee rant outside of your own family, we can help.

Glasgow Times:

He added: "We're not a wealthy club, so we're only talking about a wee hand with a utility bill or getting food on the table - but that could make all the difference to any of our young players and their families."

The club appeared alongside Martin Compson before the Coronavirus crisis.

Joe said: "We played the team playing football in the opening scenes with Martin Compston. A friend working in the industry said they had their eye out for a Glaswegian football team.

"The kids had a great day as did the coaches and a couple of Mums also made their debut. Everyone loved meeting Martin. It was a great day."