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A MSP is calling for hygiene measures to be installed in Wyndford high rise flats amidst the coronavirus crisis.

SNP MSP for Maryhill and Springburn Bob Doris responded to residents expressing concern about hygiene measures and levels of cleanliness in the communal areas of the high rise flats on Maryhill’s Wyndford.

Mr Doris said that he will be raising concerns with the Cube Housing Association, but also asked residents to ‘play their part’ in keeping communal areas clean.

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Mr Doris told The Glasgow Times: “Concerns have been raised with me regarding how the communal areas in local high flats will be kept as clean and hygienic as possible, particularly important during the current coronavirus pandemic.

“I will of course raise these concerns with Cube Housing Association. I have no doubt Cube Housing Association will wish to do all they can to maintain these areas at a time when their own workforce will be greatly stretched.

He added: “We all have a significant responsibility at this time. I am sure Cube will wish to do the best they can in difficult circumstances and I will seek details of how they intend to do this.

“Of course residents will need to play their part as well as following core messages such as social distancing, thoroughly washing your hands and not touching your face are worth reinforcing.”

Glasgow Times:

The Glasgow Times reported last week residents from the flats and Wyndford Tenants Union found faeces, blood and other bodily fluids in the halls, stairs and lifts in the flats.

James Roberts, resident and branch secretary of living rent and the Wyndford Tenants Union, told The Glasgow Times Cube was making him feel “trapped” and “at risk” because of the uncleanliness in the building in the high rise flats on the Wyndford Estate.

James says Cube has started making more measures to maintain hygiene in the high-rise flats.

Glasgow Times:

James said:"Cube have upped their game and started to clean more regularly

"Since we put up posters to start a 1-person policy in the lift, they also put up their own.

"Cube have been good at responding to pressures but the Tenants Union will still be scrutinising measures made."

The Glasgow Times also reported Councillor Letford is working with the Lord Provost to install hand sanitiser in the flats themselves, with Glasgow charity The Caring City supplying.

A spokesman for Cube said: “Regular cleaning, patrols and fire safety checks in our multi-storey blocks have always been our main priority and will continue to be in the weeks ahead.

“We are doing the best we possibly can in what are exceptionally difficult circumstances.

“If any customer has any issues they should get in touch with us, and although we are currently running restricted services due to the Coronoavirus situation, our teams will get to issues as quickly as they can.”