WHAT is happening at the council offices? Who thought this non-collection of rubbish was a good idea?

Obviously there is the possibility of creating another health hazard, not to mention fly-tipping. My street seems to have been abandoned by the council as it is.

The landscape areas have been abandoned, the road badly needs resurfaced.

The gutters are still filled with leaves and weeds, moss is starting to coat the footpaths.

Despite complaints to Land Services nothing is being done.

No doubt the senior managers are working from home.

Are the cleansing staff going to be laid off?

Surely they could be supplied with protective equipment for their safety, I for one class them as essential workers.

It seems the attitude is it might be a hazard so shut it down.

Give this proposal some more thought as we are in a perilous state as it is.

I do not suppose they are going to change their minds.

William Allan

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WITH all the confusion about when you can go out during this horrendous virus, I thought of a perfect acronym to help you remember the occasions when you are allowed to go out and what for.

Just remember the word F.E.W.M. (Food, Exercise, Work and Medical). And if we all stick to the Government rules, we will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Isobel McVey

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STAY strong, Boris. Your country needs you (Prime Minister Boris Johnson tests POSITIVE for coronavirus, Friday).

Show them how it’s done and lead by example. Get well soon.

Tom Smith

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THERE are still too many buses on the road at this time (Coronavirus: Glasgow bus drivers told to work even with underlying health conditions, Friday).

There is no need for a bus every 10 minutes, running empty.


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I HOPE the general public are taking note of all these employers and businesses that are ripping off the public or showing a complete lack of care towards their employees and customers during this crisis.

There must be a day of reckoning after this when such firms are held to account by the public at large and other reputable firms refusing to conduct any business with them.

Tommy Hannah

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I’VE got to admit, it gave me a lump in my throat (Glasgow streets applaud NHS staff fighting coronavirus, Glasgow Times online).

My mam worked in the NHS, an auxiliary nurse, and she worked hard. If she was still here she’d be chapping on the doors to get back to work!

Stewart Campbell

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ABSOLUTELY brilliant, even watched some fireworks to celebrate NHS staff and all the great work they are doing for everyone.

Would love to see same kind of applause for staff of supermarkets, pharmacies, petrol stations etc, who are doing their best to provide us all with what we need during these really awful times!

Joseph McSherry

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WHAT would we do without the NHS? We’re so lucky to have them.

Janette Whitelaw

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