Renfrewshire Council is in the process of redeploying staff into other departments if they are not currently required in their existing role.

Following the closure of leisure centres, libraries, schools and other council buildings due to the coronavirus outbreak, many employees have been told they are not required within their normal job role.

But council bosses are now putting place arrangements to identify workers’ key skills so they can be temporarily take on another role in a department where there is a desperate need for extra staff.

Departments where staff may be redeployed to include essential home care, catering and support services for vulnerable residents, so the council can maintain minimum levels of staffing during the outbreak.

In papers presented to the council’s emergencies board today, it stated: “The council is currently putting in place arrangements to identify and record the key skills and experience of all employees that are not currently required within their normal job role in order that they can be easily matched to redeployment areas where there is an additional requirement for staffing to maintain priority services.

“Arrangements have been put in place to redeploy and train additional employees to support essential home care, catering and support services for vulnerable residents.”

The council has also identified a total of 957 employees who are now being “shielded from social contact” in line with government guidelines.

Many of these staff are also being considered for redeployment into other roles, as several are in jobs which do not lend themselves to home-working. A total of 394 of the 957 staff are already working from home.