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A Blantyre business has cheered up hundreds of people in lockdown by sharing a video of a talented 7-year-old. 

The team behind Cube Wraps shared a video of their young daughter Krista, known as "Winnie fae Pollok", issuing lockdown advice. 

The "brilliant" young girl stunned viewers with a hilarious adaptation of Barry Manilow's Copacabana. 

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The future star switched the lyrics to fit lockdown advice. 

She sings: "See this corona, It's worst than pneumonia, the symptoms are nae very nice, so hear my advice.

"Don't go dancing and nae romancing, stay in the house and have a jog, go and disinfect your bog and if you gonnae sneeze then use your hankie please."

"Put a distance between one another and kill this disease.

The famous Copacabana chorus became: "The corona, coronavirus, a nasty wee bug sent to try us.

"The corona, coronavirus, use hot soapy water - it really does matter. The corona, we'll stay at home!"

Talented "Winnie fae Pollok" touched a soft spot for everyone who has seen the video. 

One commenter said: "Best thing I have watched all year! Smiles all round. What a cutie!"

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Another added: "Well done Winnie fae Pollok, that was brilliant, you made me laugh - faces you pulled, hand actions, the lot.  You will be on stage one day."

Even the National Clinical Director of the NHS Jason Leitch agreed and tweeted in response to the video: "Never mind any Government press conferences. This is the update you need."

"Winnie fae Pollok" signed off with a message to stay safe: "Thanks to my friend Lorraine for giving me that song. Stay safe, guys."