FISHERIES along the River Clyde have shut their doors in a bid to stop anglers breaching coronavirus lockdown rules. 

Clubs across Glasgow and beyond are currently inactive after the Scottish Anglers National Association (SANA) urged members to stay home. 

The United Clyde Angling Protective Association (UCAPA), Mid Clyde Angling Association (MCAA), and Lamington Angling Improvement Association (LaDAIA), which are responsible for different sections of the river, have now followed suit and asked anglers to reel in their fishing for the foreseeable future. 

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Jim Lees, secretary of LaDAIA, which manages the river in and around the South Lanarkshire village, said: “The Government’s instructions were fairly concise and we had assumed all anglers would appreciate the situation we were in and act responsibly, which to our knowledge all our current members have been and are 

“However, on social media it was obvious very quickly not all anglers were appreciative of the point that angling was not considered an acceptable form of exercise, even though it was somewhat clarified in TV interviews and in statements from the Angling Trust, SANA and various others.

“We had the impression that some anglers also did not fully appreciate the situation the country is under right now. 

“Like the general population as a whole we feel it is a fairly small percentage but it exists nonetheless and we felt closing the river and suspending the sale of permits was the correct thing to do to 
remove any temptation and do ‘our bit’ to help slow the spread of the 

“As our season is just beginning, and we have waited all winter for this to be the case, we may not like it, but it is essential to the health and welfare of the community that provides us with the opportunity to enjoy our sport that we are good citizens and stay away.” 

A number of fishing clubs have since suspended activities in a bid to stop Covid-19’s spread, including the Bothwell and Blantyre Angling Club. 

Alan Jack, MCAA secretary, said: “We are keeping with the instructions of the Scottish Government regarding the coronavirus to stay at home.

“We feel that we also have a duty to our bailiffs to keep them safe.”

The suspension of activities by the MCAA and LaDAIA came shortly after UCAPA became the first association on the Clyde to do so. 

In a statement, directors of UCAPA said: “Following Government guidelines we are sorry to announce that the UCAPA fishery will be closed to angling for the foreseeable future.

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“We feel that these measures are required to protect the welfare and health of our anglers, land owners, river wardens and bailiffs.

“We hope that this will be a short term restriction and that anglers understand the need for the 

Fishing has also largely been suspended in England and Wales following the measures announced last week by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. 

In a statement, a spokesperson from SANA said: “SANA advises all anglers to heed the Government’s direction in respect of the fight against the coronavirus.”