A COMMUNITY is set to be lit up in shining colours as residents are asked to take part in a mass art project.

Govanhill Window Picture Week runs from today and everyone is invited to take part.

Locals are asked to make a decoration to put in your window.

Then, put a lamp in the window every evening when it gets dark to light up the decoration.

Organisers say it will bring a moment of happiness to the neighbours across the road who see it.

While the window picture week starts today, people can can join anytime.

If participants want to share the window decorations online, take a picture of the window from the inside.

Take a picture of other people’s decorations from the outside - and then organisers will try to match the photos.

Post your picture on our facebook group www.facebook.com/groups/govanhillwindowjams or send an email to govanhillwindowjams@gmail.com