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More than £20,000 has been raised for a community group running out of food and resources to continue helping Glasgow's homeless.

The volunteers of Glasgow's Kindness Homeless Street Team are asking for help in feeding the city's rough sleepers with concerns being raised over people being left fighting for food.

Glasgow City Council has ensured temporary accommodation for rough sleepers during the coronavirus outbreak, but volunteers from the community group say they have no access to food. 

After we raised their appeal yesterday, thousands of pounds have been raised to help support the group.

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More than £20,000 has now been donated to a GoFundMe page - smashing the £7500 target.

Updating supporters on the page, volunteers said: "Absolutely fantastic support, whilst we still look for a van we are using our funds for essential food for our daily outings just now.

"This is an absolutely critical service for our street friends in this world of uncertainty.

"Our funds are directed to our bank account after 48 which allows us to use the money for supplies."

Yesterday, oe of the volunteers, Jonathan Lockhart, told the Glasgow Times: "We go out every day and there is literally a queue of about 50 people waiting for us when we turn up.

"We are not a charity we are just a group of people looking to help people out."

The group feared they only had enough food and money left for two more days of supporting the homless - that was, until the fresh generosity online.

Mr Lockhart added: "We are relying completely on the goodwill of the people of Glasgow."

 The group used to go out once a fortnight but is now hitting the streets daily to support the vulnerable. 

You can support the fundraiser HERE.