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THIS is the brilliant moment an Elvis impersonator belts out tunes from his Coatbridge balcony - in a tribute to NHS staff.

Dean Allsopp, 47, has gone viral after footage of him belting out the King's tunes was posted online.

He even attracted the attention of the police - but the impersonator has since confirmed they even saw the funny side of his performance.

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Grant Miller shared the footage on his Twitter with the caption "Ladies & Gentleman, it's Elvis and two polis".

Around 260,000 people have watched the clip so far, attracting thousands of 'likes' and shares.

Dean told the Scottish Sun that he was urged to do his bit to provide entertainment during the COVID-19 lockdown.

He said: "I thought I could spread some positivity with an improvised gig. Everything's shut right now but I love performing as Elvis.

"I thought I could do it from my balcony instead."

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He added: "It was meant for NHS staff and everyone struggling right now.

"We can't have people together right now, so I had to improvise."

Passing police asked Dean to keep the noise to a minimum.

He added: "The police just asked about the volume and I turned it down.

"I even walked them back to the car."