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Glasgow's charity dedicated to older people is to start delivering food parcels after receiving a £10,000 donation from Celtic FC.

From next week, Glasgow's Golden Generation will be delivering parcels of essentials to any older adults in the city who are affected by the current government restrictions to halt the spread of Covid-19.

This includes both current service users of the charity's three days centres and any other person over 55 who is in need of supplies but is unable to get them due to being housebound or classed as high risk.

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Many over 55s with significant health difficulties are being asked to remain indoors for 12 weeks and the charity is prioritising assisting those without other support.

Any older adult requiring essentials such as milk, bread and toiletries should call their local Glasgow’s Golden Generation day care centre to request a delivery. Where possible and subject to availability, staff will drop off supplies.

The charity is also looking at launching online coffee catch-ups and is continuing to staff a helpline. 

Richard Donald, Assistant Director of Glasgow’s Golden Generation, said, “We are constantly amazed by the generosity of the people of Glasgow; but businesses, football clubs, organisations and individuals have stepped up during this challenging time more than ever.

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank Celtic FC Foundation for their big-hearted donation of 10k which will make a massive difference to vulnerable older adults in the city.”

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Tony Hamilton, Celtic FC Foundation Chief Executive, added: “Already, it’s easy to see the far-reaching damage this crisis is causing in communities across the city.

"In the last few days, Celtic FC Foundation, through our Football for Good Fund, has moved quickly to support existing partners who are able to provide crucial interventions to those who need it most.

“Aiding the elderly community is a huge priority for Celtic FC Foundation, and we’re delighted to team up with Glasgow’s Golden Generation to ensure critical frontline support continues at a time when vulnerable people need a helping hand.”

The three day care centres are the Mattie Carwood Centre covering the east on 0141 766 0000 Fred Paton Centre 0141 353 0720 for North and West Glasgow and the David Cargill Centre 0141 632 7391 for South Glasgow