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Cleansing staff at Polmadie depot have vowed to suspend bin collections from the Govanhill and central belt area of the city as they believe social distancing measures have not been fully rolled out.

Workers have raised concerns that different groups within these areas have not received thorough communication and information about social distancing.

One worker from the depot told the Glasgow Times that staff were gravely worried about residents after videos emerging on social media highlighted their disregard to government guidelines.

He said: “I know that in some cultures it is common for people to gather in groups to talk about memories, home and life - and fully we respect that.

“But I think at this time, it poses a great risk to our health.

“Measures should really have been put in place prior to all of this to stop people congregating on the streets.

“It doesn’t just put us at risk, it puts everyone in the central belt of Glasgow at risk too.

“The situation with regards to rubbish in this part of the city is bad enough as it is, this is the last thing that we want to do but we must think of us and our own first.”

“We don’t want to be weaving around people when we’re picking up the bins.

“This virus spreads like wildfire. All we are doing at the moment is stopping it from spreading even further to ourselves, into our households and to people that we love and care about.”

Glasgow City Council confirmed that the body was working with partners on engaging with the diverse communities to ensure official information on coronavirus guidelines is available in different languages.

A spokesman added: “Govanhill continues to receive a bin collection service in line with the rest of the city and the disruption caused by the on-going Covid-19 emergency.

“The clear government advice is for people to stay home in order to curb the spread of the virus and the police have powers to take enforcement action against groups of more than two people.

“We are doing everything we can to protect the well-being of our staff in these highly challenging times.”

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The GMB Union has reinforced the vow by the staff at Polmadie to suspend bin collections until such “social problems” are dealt with head on.

Rhea Wolfson, GMB Scotland organiser said: “Our members in cleansing are doing a fantastic job.

“Their role is going to become even more important as this situation develops.

“Like all workers they are entitled to know that everything that can be done to minimise risk to them is being done.

“Where there are problems with people not practising social distancing that is a matter for the public health authorities and police.

“Our members are under no obligation to work in a situation which could pose a serious risk to their Health and Safety.

“It is incumbent on those responsible for public health to ensure everyone in our community understand the importance of social distancing and implications for others when it is not practised.

“In circumstances where complex, deep underlying social problems have never been properly tackled, including overcrowding, the challenges are going to be even greater now in this time of crisis.

“We will of course work with communities and the relevant authorities to make sure as best we can that we can get our city clean.”

The move comes shortly after members of staff at the South Side depot staged a sit-in, claiming they had no access to hand sanitiser or hot water.

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Councillor Paul Carey said he was “disturbed” to see government guidelines had not reached all members of the public, reiterating that in order to stop the spread of coronavirus we must abide by social distancing rules.

He added: “I am very disturbed that people are still not adhering to the government’s rules to social gatherings.

“I fully support the GMB’s right to withhold their members from going into any area of the city if people are standing in a group at corners.

“Let me make this clear to people - health and safety comes first. People’s lives come first.

“If people gather in large crowds, the virus spreads.

“If people stay indoors and follow the social distancing guidelines, the virus dies.”

Meanwhile, Glasgow City Council has suspended a decision to close the Baltic Street depot, in the East End, for six months due to coronavirus.