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ALMOST 32,000 pieces of protective personal equipment (PPE) has been donated to Glasgow City Council following a plea for donations last week.

Glasgow’s Lord Provost Phillip Braat has thanked the organisations and individuals for all the supplies received so far but urged Glaswegians to keep donating if they could to protect communities and frontline staff.

Mr Braat said that Glasgow needed to prepare for the “long haul” as the crisis continued.

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He said: “I want to thank all the individuals and organisations for their generous donations to Glasgow City Council. We have had a positive response so far with donations coming in from across Glasgow but unfortunately we need more supplies..

“These past few weeks have been very momentous as the country endures lockdown. We need to realise that this crisis is extremely severe and will not end in the next few weeks.

“We are all getting to grips with these difficult living conditions. We need to prepare ourselves for the long haul and ensure that our frontline staff are protected as they continue to deliver the vital services.

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“There is still a long way to go. That’s why I am re-appealing to the generosity of individuals and organisations who can afford to provide more supplies.

“We would love to see more face masks, gloves, aprons and hand sanitiser, but we would be extremely grateful to receive any extra PPE.

“I want to assure the public that any donations however big or small will be greatly received and will all go towards keeping you and our frontline staff safe during these difficult times.”