A RAFFLE with a twist is set to break a £10,000 fundraising target after generating £3000 in just 24 hours.

A group of 18 Scottish designers and makers donated prizes to a Makers Foodbank Raffle that will see a prize draw on April 19.

The cash will go to Glasgow South East Foodbank

Organisers first considered this concept for fundraising in December after the general election when they felt the mood in their community was low.

They succeeded in raising £1500 for Glasgow South East Foodbank.

Now Freya Alder, Isabella Bunnell and Ruth Mitchell are repeating the successful format.

Entry to the raffle costs £2 and donations have already exceeded £6000.

Jewellery Designer Freya Adler said: “We think in these uncertain times people are feeling pretty helpless, and everyone is looking for a small way to act positively.

“We have had people from other cities around the country saying they plan to host similar Makers Raffles, and we wholeheartedly encourage this.

"This is the best outcome we could have imagined."

Most of the designers involved in the raffle will see the pandemic directly affect their businesses and main income streams.

These small business owners are great contributors to the economy and culture and most are having to cross their fingers that they and their businesses will survive this unprecedented disruption to trading.

Prizes include; Gold Plated Bell Jar Earrings by Edinburgh based Ruth Leslie, Naomi Tea Towel set by Laura Spring and Holly wood vessel by Object Company, both Glasgow based.

See www.justgiving.com/fundraising/makers-raffle