AN online global choir set up by two Glasgow artists has gained fame on social media after being praised by pop star Florence Welch.

Sean Lìonadh and Jean-Pierre Waksman wanted to do something to help during the coronavirus lockdown and now their video has been seen more than half a million times.

Spread The Song has seen people from four continents submit clips of themselves singing a cover of Florence and the Machine’s Sky Full Of Song, which Sean and Jean-Pierre turned into a video.

Sean, award-winning filmmaker and performer, who also works for firm Tailormade Media, said: “While live music and the arts have been greatly disrupted at this time, there are ways for our creativity and spirit to survive. Technology helped unite this virtual choir.

"It’s a song about rest, and laying down in a time of chaos.

"In crisis, the best you can hope for is harmony.”

Jean-Pierre added: "The idea to create a virtual choir came about from feeling helpless at the crisis we’re facing and a desire to connect with others at a time when the world was retreating inwards.

"Singing is one of the most human things we have so the idea was to reach people around the world and give them the chance to sing together.

"I’m so thrilled with the end result.

"I got a bit teary while putting it all together and seeing where people had sent videos from.

"Reading the reactions from people on social media and seeing the positive impact it had on people was amazing."

Sean said choir members were keen to collaborate on a follow-up performance.

He said: "As a creative person in quarantine, I felt ready to burst. I'm a filmmaker, writer and singer in a very culturally bustling, collaborative city.

"I also feel when winter ends, creatives are desperate to bloom once more, so suddenly being locked in a room with ourselves I think was a challenge but also a great opportunity.”