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A THUG who stabbed a neighbour close to a children’s Christmas concert was jailed for 18 months yesterday.

John McNeil, 30, attacked Garry Welsh with a knife and damaged several cars last December.

Mr Welsh took shelter at a nearby arts centre where the children's event was taking place at the time in Glasgow’s Balornock area.

McNeil pleaded guilty yesterday at Glasgow Sheriff Court to assault to Mr Welsh’s injury.

He also admitted wilfully or recklessly destroying property and conducting himself in a disorderly manner.

The court heard an enraged McNeil earlier challenged another neighbour Cameron Gauhl to a fight outside his home.

McNeil repeatedly banged on the door while concealing a knife and punctured a tyre of a car parked at the property.

McNeil was approached by Mr Welsh who had witnessed the incidents from his home.

Prosecutor Mark Allan said: “McNeil ran towards Mr Welsh presenting a knife before striking him on the hand which left superficial cuts.

“Mr Welsh turned and ran into an Arts Centre on the road that was hosting a children's Christmas concert at the time.”

McNeil damaged a further two cars and smashed plant pots at a property.

Police arrived shortly after and McNeil attempted to flee the scene.

Officers quickly caught up with McNeil and he was arrested.

Lawyer Ross Yuill, defending, told the court McNeil was “self destructing” due to the death of his best friend Bradley McNeil.

Mr Yuill said the 25 year-old died as a result of “white street valium” he had taken at a party in the presence of the complainers.

He added: “Mr McNeil became aware that the complainers were having some event that day.

“He was informed that it involved the people who were there the night of his friend’s death.

“He thought the people were carrying on their lives as normal and without a care in the world.

“He completely and utterly lost it.”

A non harassment order for two years was granted for Mr Gauhl and Mr Welsh.