THIS is terrible news (City Blinds and Shutters ceases trading immediately – with 63 jobs lost, Glasgow Times online).

They seemed to be doing really well prior to Covid-19.

I completely agree with what they have said also as a business owner. There is no substance to the announcements of help for business. It has taken and is still taking far too long to get the help required.

Also the job retention 80% wages won’t be processed until mid May. That’s if people can get to their offices to pick up the application letter being sent out from HMRC.

The government should have had some kind of system in place before announcing lockdown. The fact that it’s a loan from a bank apparently backed by the government but still with interest and admin charges just shows that the banks are knocking business back.

It’s actually a lot harder to get a loan for a business than for a person.

I feel sorry for this company and its staff. Terrible.


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IN reply to RD’s letter on Tuesday, according to the Nuffield Trust, in 1980, healthcare spending in the UK was approximately 4.4% of GDP (Gross Domestic Product). They anticipated that 2020/21 was approximately 7% of GDP.

Now, we live in a very different world from 40 years ago, we have an aging population, but I would wager, current pandemics aside, that had the government not inherited a mess 10 years ago, even more would be available.

Graham Keddie

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HARSH indeed if Hearts were relegated (Hearts told to quit the SPFL if they can’t accept relegation ruling – as legal threat is branded ‘nonsense’, Wednesday).

St Mirren are two points from a playoff for relegation and six away from automatic.

With the league split, anything could happen. Don’t have a dog in either fight, but fair is fair, got to be played out.

Stewart Kerr

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STEWART GILMOUR is speaking from the St Mirren perspective.

Ann Budge is simply looking after the interests of her club. There will be a compromise. No club will be relegated.

Aberdeen were in a similar situation 20 years ago and relegation was prevented by increasing the size of the league. Motherwell have also benefited from this in the past. Lots of back scratching will take place.

John Finlayson

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