A GLASGOW WOMAN who wrote a poem imagining life after coronavirus has gone viral.

Ami Torrance, a 25 year old online content designer from Elderslie, wrote the ditty "Aw Done" and uploaded it to her Facebook page.

It talks about time spent after days of social-distancing, when the sun is out and the beer gardens are open, all in a Glaswegian slang that will warm anyone's heart.

Ami woke up the following day to find the poem had received thousands of likes and hundreds of shares, and was even read out live on Clyde 1 Radio.

Glasgow Times:

Ami told The Glasgow Times: "Just like everyone else, the past week or so has had me feeling a lot of different emotions. I found the first day after Boris' announcement really difficult.

"After the initial shock had past, I decided that I had to write something to get my thoughts and feelings out.

"On Wednesday night I started scribbling down a few lines, and half an hour later I'd posted it on my Facebook page.

"I fell asleep quite early on Wednesday night, so when I woke up to hundreds of Facebook notifications I was totally overwhelmed, considering I'm used to a maximum of 20 likes on a post.

"It's amazing to see that thousands of people have taken some kind of hope away from my wee scribbled-down poem. Reading the comments has been comforting for me, too. Seeing people tagging their friends, partners and family saying how much they miss each other and can't wait to get back to the pub for a post-lock down lock-in is really wholesome."

Ami kept up her poetry writing skills since school, and turns to it in times of need. Since the coronavirus lockdown, she has been writing poetry to help her mental health.

Glasgow Times:

Ami added: "I started writing poetry in primary school, I was always into creative writing. Then in high school I was a bit conscious of whether poetry was 'cool' or not. I decided it probably wasn't, because no one else my age was doing it so I stopped.

"Luckily, I grew up and realised that if it's something I enjoy doing, it's well worth while. I've been writing and posting them on my social media pages for about 3 or 4 years now, and it's helped me through some difficult times. It's had a really positive impact on my mental health too, and I think it's important to share my words in hope that it might help other people out in the same way."

Ami says that she has been blown away by the response to 'Aw Done', but would love if Scotland's sweetheart Lewis Capaldi would give it a shout out.

"I've had strangers messaging me thanking me for my words, which is incredible" said Ami. "I'm now holding out for Lewis Capaldi noticing it even though I'd probably bawl my eyes out. I'm a massive fan and I'd like to think he'd appreciate it."

"In this time of uncertainty and total abnormality, it's reminded me that humanity thrives on love and social interaction. And the people of Scotland really are the embodiment of that."

You can find the original poem here.


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