A new hub linking people to organisations and volunteers keen to help during the Coronavirus crisis has been set up.

A helpline number for people to seek assistance or volunteer to help has been started and a website open for organisations to register to take part.

People who volunteer may be asked to help with shopping or food delivery or making a daily phone call to someone who needs to self-isolate.

Thousands of people have already volunteered via various different appeals and the plan is to co-ordinate this effort via the hub and Volunteer Glasgow.

Susan Aitken, leader of Glasgow City Council, said: “We are having to work with depleted staff numbers due to illness and self-isolation and having to support additional people who are being discharged from hospital as well as providing Home Care support to the most vulnerable.

“However, tough times like these really bring out the best in people and I know Glasgow citizens are keen to help in any way they can. We’ve already been inundated with offers and this hub offers an opportunity to link people with those in need in a co-ordinated way.”

Ian Bruce, CEO of Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector said: “If you are in Glasgow and facing problems associated with social distancing and self-isolation then call the helpline and we will try to put you in touch with someone who can help.”

The helpline number is 0141 345 0543. The website is https://opportunities.volunteerglasgow.org/vk/providers/registration_provider.htm