Coronavirus lockdown measures could be lifted within three months if Scots continue to "stringently obey" the government guidelines. 

Speaking at the Scottish Government's daily briefing at St Andrew's House in Edinburgh, chief medical officer Catherine Calderwood said compliance with the lockdown guidelines could be lifted sooner than we have expected.

If evidence returns showing that virus' transmission is slowing down, the public could expect to see the restrictions lifted by June. 

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She said: “What we do know from the scientific evidence is that if people are stringently obeying these new rules, these very difficult rules… we are then able to slow the spread of this transmission.

“The more we comply, the better that those measures are going to reduce the transmission of the virus and that length of time, at least 13 weeks, we would be able to lift some of those measures potentially after that three month period.”

The First Minister urged people to “stick with” lockdown measures implemented to stop the spread of the virus.

Ms Sturgeon said: “Please everyone, I know how tough this is, but please, please stick with it. You are helping us to save lives.

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“Let me again thank everyone across the country who is playing their part – your efforts will continue to be really vital in the weeks ahead as we fight this battle against coronavirus.”

It comes as the First Minister confirmed there are 162 people receiving intensive care due to Covid-19.

She also announced that the Scottish death doll had increased by 50 overnight - totalling to 126 deaths across the country with 2602 confirmed cases of coronavirus. 


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