NO name required whatsoever (SEC: Row emerges over ‘Louisa Jordan Hospital’ amid #NightingaleGlasgow ‘snub’, Glasgow Times online).

This is (hopefully) a temporary, emergency hospital facility to save lives.

No need for political point scoring now, splitting our community when we should be pulling together.

Al Mcd

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MOST hospitals in general are named after royals, what did they do for medicine?

I’ve always thought that hospitals should be named after prominent people who helped in the advances of medical science, but this is what you have instead... Betty’s Hotel aka The Death Star, a name is just a name, many people still refer to it as the Southern General.

Gordon Waddell

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THE advice to stay at home is still being ignored by too many.

In the part of Glasgow I live relatives are still driving up to neighbours homes every day with kids in tow.

You can’t legislate for sheer stupidity.



IT seems to me that using cash under the circumstances isn’t ideal (Co-op customer ‘barred’ for paying in cash during coronavirus pandemic, Thursday), however, giving the benefit of any doubt – perhaps it was not possible to use card and while the manager reacted poorly given stressful time it is understandable given present circumstances.

Reporting the manager to the paper seems to be a questionable decision to me and I feel this story reflects more poorly upon the customer.

John Moor

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ANOTHER sad case and shows how indiscriminate Covid-19 is just waiting too pounce on the vulnerable (Glasgow-born comedian Eddie Large dies after contracting coronavirus aged 78, Glasgow Times online).

Charles Wood

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WHY do all these new-

builds look so bland and out of touch with the Glasgow style (Bid to turn former Argyle Street police station into flats, Thursday)?

If you’re going for simplicity at least resemble it to a tenement but fit for modern living.

Rizwan Saqib

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THAT’S the problem with tenements: they’re not fit

for modern living.

This development looks fine and is in keeping with the other contemporary builds in that’s area. It’s a huge improvement on the neighbouring Minerva Court.

Kenny Mac

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WEST End Festival, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, COP26 and Wimbledon all cancelled. Understandable. But, what next?

Jill Ferguson

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