TODDLERS and young children thrive on routine - but during these uncertain times, normal life has been severely disrupted for so many families.

Today, as part of our Home Times series, the city's Leaders of Early Learning are giving a whole range of helpful advice for parents at home with little ones.

We've turned their hints and tips into a handy graphic to make it easy to read and remember.

Experts have used items you'll already have at home so there's no need to worry about buying expensive items or even getting out to the shops.

Glasgow Times:

And all the ideas will be helping your toddler or pre-school child hone their skills - and learn new ones - in really fun ways.

From dressing up and creating characters to simply having your wee one throw balls or soft toys into a bucket, there are great and simple games for everyone to try.

Today's feature is part of our Home Times series running with Glasgow City Council's education department.

On a Wednesday and a Friday we'll be giving top advice from our city's education experts to support learning at home.

Everything from science to wellbeing to physical fitness will be covered.

And it is all designed around having fun with your children and not putting parents under pressure to replicate the classroom.

Glasgow Times:

As Maureen McKenna, Executive Director for Education, Glasgow City Council told us last week: “This is not a competition as to which mum, dad or carer can be the most imaginative teacher – concentrate on  what’s achievable to meet your family needs and working from home arrangements."

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