A pregnant mum has lost her home and business during a devastating fire that destroyed her Polloshields flat.

Around 10 fire engines were called to Albert Drive on Wednesday evening to tackle the blaze in the tenement building.

It comes just months after another huge blaze tore down a flat directly opposite this one.

The home destroyed by Wednesday's blaze belonged to Lucie Bradley - a medical herbalist and holistic therapist.

Glasgow Times: Albert Drive fire (Jack Aitchison)Albert Drive fire (Jack Aitchison)

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She is five months pregnant and has a young daughter.

In the wake of the fire, thousands of pounds has been raised as the communtiy tries to rally round them.

Friend Kelsey Moore set up a JustGiving fundraiser, which currently totals around £6000.

Glasgow Times: Lucie Bradley (GoFundMe)Lucie Bradley (GoFundMe)

Kelsey wrote: "Amidst all the worry and uncertainty that we are all currently facing who could imagine anything worse.

"The unthinkable has happened to one of my beautiful friends Lucie Bradley.

"Her cherished home and business was ripped away from her in a tragic fire on Albert Drive in Pollokshields.

"Lucie Bradley is a well known and loved medical herbalist and holistic therapist living in the southside of Glasgow.

"Mother to daughter Imani and expecting her second child in August this amount of distress and pain is beyond conceivable.

"Lucie's home, her safe place, her business, everything she owns has been stolen from her.

"Now is the time for us as a community to step in and help Lucie and her beloved family."

Meanwhile another friend, Lynsey Roberts, set up a fundraiser on GoFundMe.

She wrote: "My beautiful friend Lucie Bradley lost everything in a devastating fire yesterday. ⁣

"Thankfully Lucie and her family are safe but they have lost their home and Lucie’s Business and apothecary which she has hustled like the badass that she is for years to create is gone. ⁣

"Fire is devastating at any time but right now when we cannot even bloody hug each other it is so much worse.

"I know we as a community can come forward to support this queen. "

That page has raised around £500 so far.

As news of the fire first emerged, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon expressed her sorrow on social media.

She wrote: "This is horrible to see - and so soon after the Albert Drive fire just across the road.

"Hoping everyone is safe and any damage is limited.

"But if any constituents need assistance, please get in touch - Nicola.sturgeon.msp@parliament.scot".

It is understand that workmen were working on the roof of the building on the afternoon of the fire, having been seen in a crane.

There is no suggestion the work was linked to the fire. 

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council said: “At present, there’s nothing to suggest that this is anything other than a very unfortunate fire that coincidentally happened to occur close to a fire in another property around five months ago.”

You can view the JustGiving fundraiser here.

You can view the GoFundMe fundraiser here.

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