SO we are in lockdown, and quite rightly, but when you look at the TV magazine, BBC One and BBC Two are full of repeats – nothing unusual there.

However, you would think that the BBC would at least try to relieve some of the boredom by screening some decent films, after all they are financed by the tax payer (TV licence).

Also I see that some football managers are taking a cut in their salary, are there any BBC presenters taking a cut in their salary to help the TV licence fee payers? I doubt it.

I could go on but who listens, especially the BBC.

Jim Tees

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GIVEN the fact they are risking their own lives and the lives of their families to care for others, I really hope they will not be sent right to the front lines ill prepared and with substandard equipment (Over 500 students ‘well prepared’ to join NHS, Friday).

When this plague is over the government really needs to give better pay conditions and better contracts to all those doing the most essential, but often undervalued, jobs.

Fraser Davidson

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THEIR student loan debts should be wiped as a thank you.

John Doyle

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THE economic damage being caused by this and further economic shutdowns is going to change life in this country for years, even decades to come.

Jas Chand

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THE arrival of the baby lamb Hope at the Tollcross Children’s Farm was great news at this uncertain time.

Chelle Waddell

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I THINK it’s a disgrace that parents appear to be allowing their teenage children out to see their friends.

I’m hearing a lot saying “kids will be kids” as an excuse.

This attitude is going to make this lockdown last even longer.

If everyone else can stay in, I’m sure teenagers can do their bit too and stay indoors.

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THERE are loads of non-essential companies still forcing their employees to attend their place of work and telling them if they don’t come in they won’t be paid a penny (Luxury hi-fi firm closes after staying open for week, Friday). At least this place has closed.

Garry Park

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I WISH they would hurry up and decide on what’s happening with the Scottish football league season.

Surely they can just confirm to everyone that it

is being delayed until at least July.

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I WAS proud to hear all my neighbours clapping our country’s key workers. It’s gestures like this that make you proud to be British. And I appreciated the efforts by our emergency workers, risking their lives all over the country

to help other people.