Nicola Sturgeon has said reports that Scotland could be about to reach the peak of coronavirus cases and deaths in a week are unfounded.

The First Minister said that there was no evidence to suggest the rise in cases will slow down that soon.

She said there was still “uncertainty” when the virus will hit a peak.

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Ms Sturgeon was speaking as the country was entering what would have been the Easter holiday period and said we cannot think about when measures could be relaxed yet.

She gave the latest numbers for deaths and cases.

There was another record increase in deaths in Scotland up by 46 in 24 hours to 172 recorded deaths.

The number of cases in the country increased by 399 to 3001 and 1321 people were in hospital with coronavirus or suspected to have it.

In Greater Glasgow the figure was 779 confirmed cases.

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Ms Sturgeon said: “Let me be clear, nothing I have seen gives me any basis to predict it will peak in one week’s time here in Scotland. I still have to ask all of us to stick with the measures.”

She said the Easter holiday would be “unlike any other holiday period in our lifetimes”.

She said people will be thinking of plans they had made but instead, she said “everyone will be staying at home” adding except for exercise of buying essentials.

Ms Sturgeon added: “The restrictions are absolutely necessary.”

The Chief Medical Officer, Catherine Calderwood reaffirmed the message from Ms Sturgeon.

She said what has happened in other countries where measures are relaxed is there is an increase in cases “almost immediately”.

Ms Calderwood said”Now is now the time to think that perhaps it will all be over soon.

“We have always said that many months will be needed before we can get on top of this virus and be sure that we’re not going to have a worse scenario later.”

She added: “At the moment we will not be able to give a clear date of when the peak will be.

“What we will look for first is a slowing of the rate of people testing positive and we are not seeing that yet.”

It is not only Easter holiday plans that will be affected by the lockdown measures to tackle the pandemic.

The Chief Medical Officer also added that it was unlikely summer holidays would take place this year.

She said: “I would not be thinking that summer holidays are likely to be as they were in the past but we really don’t know.”


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