A NINE YEAR OLD daughter of an NHS worker is keeping herself amused by writing an online blog about her life during lockdown.

Ailish Forbes, a primary five pupil at Bankhead Primary School from Knightswood, started writing her diary on St. Patrick's Day.

Her entries include what it is like to be home taught by her mother, Kate, and the various resources they use including the Glasgow Science Centre science classes, and Joe Wick's work-outs.

Ailish and her 7-year old brother are being taught at home by their mother.

It is insightful, funny and at times, an emotional rollercoaster.

Glasgow Times:

Ailish wrote in her first entry: "So far, the coronavirus has stopped all the clubs that I look forward to every week, which has made me feel sad and angry.

"My mum has prepared a learning plan for me to learn at home which might be harder than school."

Other entries include how to make a lava lamp from home, and the chemical reactions behind a volcanic eruption.

Ailish has also included some of her own predictions during the lockdown, such as her school getting closed and the Prime Minister contracting Covid-19.

Her mother, Kate, told The Glasgow Times she had encouraged Ailish to record this as a moment of 'social history'.

Kate said: "It has been an amazing experience writing the blog, and it really is a part of social history. This is an extremely unique experience.

"Ailish has loved doing the blog.

"I've realised how hard it is to be a teacher from home. Kids are different in class as they are at home, and it can be hard to keep them occupied. They are so keen to tell you what they are learning.

"We've kept quite a structured day for them, so they still wake up at the same time and are learning literacy and numeracy.

"Writing the blog has been great for Ailish. When she sits down she will be there for half an hour or 45 minutes or so."

Ailish told The Glasgow Times she hoped one day to be a writer.

Glasgow Times:

She said: "I write every day in my blog, and some days I write twice.

"I write about how I am feeling and how the virus is affecting my life.

"There are ups and downs about the virus. One of the downs is that I can't do to school, but one of the ups is that I don't get to go to school" Ailish joked.

"My favourite subjects are maths but I want to be a writer.

"So far my favourite lesson was my Mum's lesson on Celtic Art for history."

Although she started the blog as a memoir or relic for what it is like to live and be taught through a quarantine, Ailish says she will probably keep the blog going even after the lockdown is lifted.

"I want to be a writer. I like writing stories and recipes. I think I probably will keep the blog."


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