A COMMUNITY has hit out after vandals continue to target their area, despite lockdown rules.

Two vehicles were attacked in Dennistoun in the latest flare-up of a “reckless” vandalism spree in the area.

Craig Benson’s van was targeted where it was parked on Craigpark Drive and was shown to have a hole punctured in the side of it.

Benson’s parter Nicola posted a photo of the damage to social media, branding the culprits “cretins”.

Glasgow Times:

Another local resident, Patrick had his vehicle targeted but vandals failed to break his windscreen with a rock they left sitting on the front of the car.

He said: “The council needs to install CCTV. The number of vehicles being damaged on this one street is shocking.

As there was no major damage I didn’t report it [to police].”

Glasgow Times:

The East End neighbourhood was plagued with vandalism in February, when a spate of random and severe attacks culminated in a woman being hit with a brick thrown through her window and the arrest of five people.

Police at the time stepped up patrols in the area and the issue was discussed at a meeting of the ­Dennistoun Area Partnership, chaired by SNP councillor Allan Casey.

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland confirmed receipt of a report of vandalism on Thursday, April 2.

Mr Casey said of the latest attacks: “I am extremely disappointed that there have been further reports of vandalism to cars in Dennistoun especially during this current Covid-19 pandemic.

“I will continue to work with the local police problem-solving team and other stakeholders to address this problem however it is frustrating that the focus of these agencies will be taken away from tackling this current crisis and supporting our community. This reckless behaviour must stop immediately.”

Chief Inspector Michael Duddy said: “Police in the local community continue to monitor reports of vandalism and over the past few weeks have noticed a decrease in the number of incidents of this nature.

“We continue to work with partners to ensure crimes of anti-social behaviour are investigated and dealt with appropriately.

“Officers continue to patrol the local areas and are pleased to report that the majority of individuals are complying with the Scottish Government guidelines which have been put in place.

“During this unprecedented time, I would encourage anyone who notices any anti-social behaviour to get in contact with Police Scotland by calling 101.”