A MYSTERY man is being thanked by Tollcross locals for handing out emergency food parcels to the area’s most vulnerable.

The kind-hearted hero has been spotted in and around Trainard Avenue in recent days dropping off supplies in a number of closes.

His care packages have included essential items such as milk and bread but also treats like Easter eggs.

Laura Sinclair is one of the locals to have spotted him in the act and she told the Glasgow Times: “I saw him from my window and thanked him. He left a bag in my close which the lady down at the bottom took. 

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“He has been going round a few houses with a bag of food and even Easter eggs. I don’t really know a lot about him but I did see him stop to help an older lady who was struggling with a bag. He offered to give her a lift home with her in the back to keep social distance.

“It was just so very kind of him and it’s really lovely despite all that’s going on.”

Across the city, Glaswegians have been going the extra mile to help those in their hour of need during the coronavirus pandemic.

Taxi drivers have offered free lifts for NHS staff, closed pubs and bars have served up much-needed meals to the city’s homeless and most vulnerable, and countless have done their bit to check in on their neighbours.

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We’ve even had surprise sets from Radio Clyde DJ George Bowie live from his balcony to keep locals entertained despite the lockdown.

The mystery man is just another example of the city at its best and Laura admits she has been quite emotional at the sight of his good deeds.

She added: “It’s so nice and I felt emotional watching him. He was walking about with a wee bag at a time handing them out.”