An Indian restaurant owner has pledged to feed Glasgow's homeless throughout the duration of the coronavirus outbreak. 

Sohan Singh, owner of Bukharah and The Lorne Hotel has committed to helping charities feed the homeless twice every weekend. 

On Saturday afternoon, Sohan gave out 30 meals to the homeless which have been housed with the help of the Simon Community. 

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Sohan said: “We should all play our part and do what we can to help people during this terrible coronavirus pandemic.

“I’m very fortunate that I am in a position to help others and I must do this to be a good citizen.

"The homeless are very vulnerable during the COVID-19 crisis and the Simon Community is doing a fantastic job looking after them."

The generous business owner will also be expressing his thanks to frontline health staff by sending 40 carry-out chicken curry meals to staff at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital (QEUH).

The meals will be sent to the QEUH every Saturday and Sunday. 

He added: "I also want to pay tribute to the incredible nurses, doctors and other hospital staff who are putting their own well-being at risk to look after patients suffering from coronavirus.

“The least I can do is give them a tasty Indian curry to enjoy during their meal breaks.”

Sohan will be providing hot meals to both the homeless and NHS staff every weekend "until this crisis is over". 

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 Ashley Young, the Simon Community service leader at their Glasgow hub said: “This is extremely generous of Sohan to provide these hot meals for our homeless men and women.

“It’s even more important at this time to help the homeless as their access to social services is reduced drastically due to the coronavirus restrictions.

“Many of the day centres where homeless people would normally be able to get food are closed, so it’s important we can give them a hot meal and that means a lot to them.

“The fact that people like Sohan are willing to go out their way to help makes the homeless feel that they matter and that others care about them.”

The Simon Community has launched an emergency appeal to raise money to help the homeless. You can support the charity on their website