An emergency Glasgow hospital set up to help care for coronavirus patients in Scotland is looking to employ people who 'want to make a difference'.

The NHS Louisa Jordan is being established in the Scottish Exhibition Centre, and will provide an initial 300 beds in the coming weeks to help tackle the outbreak.

The health board are looking to employ porters and ward hosts at the new facility, but has warned the roles are 'emotionally and physically challenging'.

According to the job listing, porters are expected to transport deceased patients from A&E and/or wards to the mortuary, as well as undertake other tasks including removing soiled laundry from wards and responding to cardio arrests.

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Initial pay begins at £9.50 per hour, which could increase to £11.50.

Ward hosts are asked to ensure patients have appropriate meals, snacks and drinks throughout the day, and take care of cleaning after mealtimes. 

The position pays £9.50 per hour, increasing to £10.50.

Both positions are offered on a full-time, temporary contract.

According to the listing, 51-74% of applications were responded to almost immediately since it was posted yesterday. 

There is no apparent deadline for applications, however the hospital is due to open in just a matter of weeks.

A statement on both job listings reads: "During the current COVID-19 crisis, our NHS is under severe pressure to deliver on unprecedented levels of workload and patient support.

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"We are recruiting for people who want to make a difference on the front line of patient support, and contribute to the fight against the Coronavirus."

Over 400 contractors are working alongside nearly 150 NHS Scotland clinicians and operational staff to establish the temporary facility.

Apply for both positions here: Porter and Ward Host