A CARDONALD man has raised nearly £1000 for vascular dementia, after launching a GoFundMe page in support of a sponsored walk.

Fraser Henderson, 29, will walk from Glasgow to Edinburgh in July, all to raise money for vascular dementia, which his grandmother, Nattie Morrow, was diagnosed with around 13 years ago.

Fraser said: “My gran means the world to me, she always looked after me.

“Seeing an illness like this affect someone you love is tough, she’s always been one of my best pals, so I thought about what I could do to help.”

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Vascular dementia is a condition in which brain damage is caused by poor blood flow to the brain, in turn causing memory loss and problems with thought processes.

One of the ways in which Fraser has been coping with the situation his gran has been in is through animals, and the plan is for pets Milo and Sasha to join him on the fundraising walk.

“The love of a dog is unconditional. The dogs have been a big support for not only me but also my gran. They definitely saved me.

“Even when she’s having a tough day and can’t quite remember you, the dogs always cheer her up when they go to visit her and she always remembers them.

“The plan is for them to join me for at least a part of the walk and then have them rest.”

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While the current situation is keeping the country locked indoors, Fraser is hoping that the walk, planned for the summertime, will still go ahead.

He explained: “It’s a difficult time for everyone, but fingers crossed that I’ll still be able to walk.

“Everyone has been so generous and I’m hoping that we can raise as much money for the cause as possible.”

Going forward, Fraser hopes to create more fundraising opportunities, with plans to makes the charity walks a regular occurrence.

“I’d like to organise a group walk next time, get even more pets involved in the walk too hopefully,” he said.

“It really shows to anyone going through this situation that they’re not alone and other people know how they’re feeling.”

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