A GLASGOW tailor is doing his part for the fight against coronavirus, by creating scrubs for frontline NHS workers.

Thomas Rae, 56 from the east end of Glasgow, decided to lend a helping hand in his own unique way, after coming across 'For The Love of Scrubs', a facebook page dedicated to supplying NHS workers with scrubs and equipment.

He said: "I had been making masks and things like that but then someone tagged me in this Facebook group, knowing that I had the skills to do this, and I thought I couldn't pass up this chance."

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Thomas has been working in the tailoring industry for around 40 years, and hope to put his years of valued experience to work to help those in need.

"I decided to make these scrubs because I wanted to give something back. We know these guys are desperate right now.

"Two years ago, I had a massive heart attack and the Golden Jubilee sorted me out so this is my own way of paying it back to them."

Thomas has set up fundraising pages, to help with the creation of the uniforms, which has already raised over £1000.

"It's really overwhelming, I really can't get over how generous the people of Glasgow are.

"We've even got big companies coming to us now and helping to fund our project and put towards the NHS."

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Everyone involved with the project is volunteers, meaning that the money raised by Thomas goes purely towards the creation of the scrubs for frontline workers.

"When you thinking about these nurse, risking their lives every time they go to work, it's amazing, really humbling. So this is our way of giving a little something back"

Thomas, who owns alteration and tailoring shops around Glasgow, including on in the city centre, will be working out of a space in Easterhouse's The Lochs Shopping Centre, taking on new trainees to help create the much-needed equipment for health workers.

"We've got this space now and I'm thinking we'll need around 10 machinists, as well as people to cut fabric, even down to cleaners.

"Tailoring is a dying trade, but through this scheme I'm hoping more people will come to the industry and I can train people up.

"I'm really hoping something comes of this."

The generosity of the city is something that has amazed Thomas, who has thanked everyone who has so far helped out with the project.

"Glaswegians really do have big heart, the response has been unbelievable, it's been incredible.

"I really believe that, come the end of all this, the world will be a better place to live in.

"Coming together as a community will continue."

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