PEOPLE Make Glasgow”, or so the slogan goes, but in the world of politics sometimes even I question it.

Do we really make Glasgow when politicians are more obsessed with party loyalty than doing what is right?

Do we really make Glasgow when sniping in the City Chambers seems so distant from our communities? But when a crisis hits this city and we are reminded that what unites us is so much greater than what divides us, I know that the words “People Make Glasgow” are more than just a slogan – it’s the Glasgow spirit.

These words have never been truer than over these past few weeks as Glasgow joins the world in fighting coronavirus.

Over the past few weeks I have been inspired. Inspired from the Labour Councillor in Easterhouse who is spending her time packing bags for the most vulnerable to the SNP Councillor in Knightswood coordinating help for his community to my Tory colleague who has hired a van to deliver parcels to people in his Kelvindale ward.

The truth is it doesn’t matter what party we support or what football team we cheer for, Glaswegians stand united in the face of this challenge. These councillors, when Covid-19 hit, took it upon themselves to throw away the party rosette and get to work.

These individuals are representative of so many in our city that are volunteering with community organisations or charities, signing up to come out of retirement to work in our key services, or just leaving a phone number with a neighbour letting them know the help is there if they need it.

Take FARE in my own patch of Glasgow’s East End for example, they have delivered 2300 food hampers since this crisis began.

That’s around 60,000 meals to the most vulnerable people in our city.

This is only made possible with an army of volunteers motivated to work around the clock doing what they know is right.

The next few weeks will be an unprecedented challenge for this city and we all share in the sorrow of those who will have to say goodbye to those they love before their time.

As someone who has displayed symptoms of the coronavirus and self-isolated in my flat, I would urge everyone to continue social distancing and keep up to date with the latest advice from the NHS, Scottish and UK Governments.

During a time of crisis it is very easy to lose hope but with the community spirit I’ve seen in recent weeks and brilliant charitable organisations like FARE working their hardest to provide much needed support,

I believe our city will emerge from this crisis stronger than ever.

I’ve been so humbled to stand at my window in Parkhead to clap for our NHS but I teared up when I heard the ripple of applause from across Glasgow from Shettleston to Springburn, Drumchapel to Dumbreck.

We stood in solidary to celebrate those on the frontline. That’s the Glasgow spirit – so I finish where I started – let’s not lose hope and continue to show that People (really do) Make Glasgow.