THE postponement of the COP26 conference is a real shame as it would really have put Glasgow on the map. Especially after Councillor Paul Carey’s audacious invite to Greta Thunberg to speak. I hope it all works out after this horrid pandemic is over.

However, there is a plus side to the postponement which is that, by authoritative calculation, the saving of the carbon footprint would be the equivalent of six hectares of Amazonian rainforest. So, ironically, we can at least celebrate saving a little bit of the planet from the sad news!

Cecile Parkinson


THE death toll from the conronavirus is still going up and there’s still no cure.

All around the world, the top doctors should get together and work out a cure – it can be done, it’s the only way forward.

The good people of Glasgow have been fantastic on the lockdown, helping each other out – we will get through this together, and we will never give up till this is gone.

Jim Mullen


FOR the past few weeks now, Dr Catherine Calderwood, the Chief Medical Officer in Scotland, has been telling us to stay home, to protect the NHS and save lives. Yet she herself has been caught red-handed visiting her second home in Fife.

Last week, we were told to steer clear from Highland getaways. Yet Prince Charles (right) can quite freely visit his Highland home whilst having Covid-19.

If the powers that be want the people to follow their advice then they must lead by example, not flout the laws a couple of days after dictating them to the citizens of the country.

Richard Low


IN the middle of this crisis when we all need to do our best to help each other why do we still have to put up with these obnoxious individuals who spit on the pavements?

Don’t they realise that their disgusting habits are putting people’s lives at risk?

If you pick up any of this bacteria on your shoes, you are inevitably carrying this into your home.

Honestly, these people are as much an enemy of the people as the virus itself.

Meanwhile, most of us are spending much more time at home these days so look to be entertained by television etc. However, the never-ending repeats of programmes is reaching ridiculous levels. The incessant game shows on ITV on weekday afternoons is worsened by repeats shown as recently as last week!

Show some imagination planners and give us a break.