OUR home delivery service for Glasgow is back – and you can sign up to get your paper delivered today by contacting home.delivery@heraldandtimes.co.uk.

Last week, we took the difficult decision to temporarily pause our home delivery operation while we assessed some of the concerns we were receiving from our junior agents and their parents.

In the last week, we’ve put together a new action plan for our service to ensure that the delivery runs are completely safe – and we’ve drafted new instructions for our paper boys and girls so they can continue getting copies of the Times across the city.

For example, we’re changing our payment options so that the junior agents are handling less cash, and imposing a strict rule that they stay two metres away from all customers, dropping the paper off at each home in a safe way.

Since last week, there have also been two further key developments. First, the World Health Organisation confirmed that there was virtually no risk of transmitting the virus via newspapers – saying that the danger was infinitely small.

Second, the UK Government confirmed that our journalism and the distribution of our newspapers was classed as essential work – saying that it was imperative that newsapaper readers could stay informed during the crisis.

Those two key points, plus our new safety measures, have driven us to decide that it was in the best interests of the people of Glasgow that we restart our operation with immediate effect.

That will allow more readers to have their brilliant mix of news, puzzles, sport and community updates delivered straight to their door. It’s never been more important to have local journalism you can trust – so if you want your paper to come to you every day, then get in touch by emailing home.delivery@heraldandtimes.co.uk