DR Catherine Calderwood did the right thing by standing down after the controversy regarding her visits to a second home in Fife. She is obviously a very experienced health official with a wealth of knowledge but the rules apply to everyone.

I couldn’t help noticing the glee and fervour which the media and Tories and Labour spokespeople pursued the matter in order to kick the Scottish Government whose conduct during this crisis has been heads and shoulders above that of the Westminster government.

I wonder why these same people are not pursuing the UK Government regarding their myopia in allowing plane loads of passengers to disembark at Heathrow and other airports to then disappear onto public transport to who knows where? Surely there should be a period of quarantine required? No UK Government spokesperson has given any real answer to this question, so why are the media and Labour Party letting them off the hook?



FOOTBALLERS regularly kiss their club’s badges to show loyalty to the club.

Wait a minute – that was all window dressing, since many highly paid – no, make that obscenely paid – are refusing to help their clubs by reducing their wages whilst football is suspended due to the coronavirus.

The majority of footballers have no loyalty and are off to greener pastures when a better offer and transfer fee comes along. The tax rate for those earning more than £150,000 a year, after personal allowances, is 45 per cent (in Scotland it’s 46 per cent). £150,000 a year? Some footballers get that a week. It is time that these tax rates are increased and not only for footballers. A special coronavirus tax of 15 per cent should be introduced for footballers, sports men and women and high earners.

Clark Cross

Via email

ONCE again the Fat Cats are making huge profits for their shareholders. Even with the country in the grip of a terrible virus and in lockdown.

I am in the category of the vulnerable as I am a pensioner, on oxygen, and have just received my dual fuel bill from Scottish Gas for the sum of £764. This is double the amount that was due for the same period last year. There is no one to ask about this – even emails are sent back unopened, with the message we cannot get an answer due to the coronavirus. I ask you, is this fair?

Isobel McVey

Via email