WITH hair and beauty businesses all closed, expert root touch-ups and trims are probably not an option unless you are a stylist.

We asked a few of our favourite Glasgow hairdressers for advice on everything from avoiding home dye disasters to fringe trims for kids.

City centre celebrity favourite Taylor Ferguson says most people who colour their hair will now be experiencing root regrowth and offers these tips.

“Stay calm! It’s not the end of the world if you’re showing some darker roots. Chance is right now they’re on trend. Everyone, after all is in the same boat. 

“If you’re going to home dye then please, please carefully read any instructions and do a patch test first to check out the impact before you literally dive in head first.

“If you’re browsing the shelves for the right hair dye pack – as opposed to trying this online – hold the colour sample or swatches shown close to your own hair to colour match more effectively. 

“It might be worth doing a test section of a few inches first before applying it to your whole head. 

Glasgow Times:
“That will allow you to assess the colour match that you want to achieve. Let’s face it, at the moment we’re all pretty time rich and so there’s no mad panic to get the job done quickly.

“If you’re worried about the rescue job your hairdresser may be facing after the lockdown is unlocked then think about focusing only on your roots rather than taking it through to mid-length and the ends.

“There are touch up sprays out there from big haircare companies like L’Oreal and Schwarzkopf that can give that much-needed colour boost relief. They do a good job.

"These are wash out so you’re not going to do anything too extreme to your hair’s condition.”

Dylan Brittain, Owner of Rainbow Room International’s George Square Salon, says switching up your hairstyle can also help disguise unsightly roots.

"Braids are a great way to add interest to your hair, disguise from your roots and create dimension in the hair. Slicked back styles, also known as the ‘wet look’ are also great. 

"If you still feel you can see some of your roots, hair accessories such as headbands are very on trend at the moment and can also be used to help cover your hair line."

Fallon Carberry, owner of Blow Glasgow, offers a more unusual way to cover roots for the more adventurous home workers.

“Our team came up with this solution one day on location when covering a model’s roots. 

Glasgow Times:
“The trend then became viral when singer Miley Cyrus reposted our picture on instagram and it’s now an infamous worldwide trend at festivals and summer events. "It’s really simple to do.” 

"Mix in a bowl with an old toothbrush a 50/50 ratio of hair gel and any craft glitter (grab from the kids playroom). 

"Then simply brush it onto your roots – the more glitter, the more coverage that you’ll achieve.

"And VOILA – roots are covered instantly. Now all you need to do is grab a glass of wine and get your girls on facetime for a party!”

Stuart Whitelaw, owner and founder of Mesart Hair, which has salons in Finnieston and Uddingston offers these tips for trimming an overgrown fringe.

"Separate all the hair which is not part of the fringe and clip away or tie back with a bobble.

"Split the fringe into three and start with the middle.

"Point cut with your scissors in triangle shapes up into the hair until you have the desired length.

"Pull each of the sections towards the middle section and follow the same pattern but don't pull the hair too tight in your fingers as it will jump up afterwards."

Glasgow Times:

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