I FOUND the letter from Isobel McVey in yesterday’s Glasgow Times very touching.

She is very ill, lives alone and is being confronted with a huge energy bill from Scottish Gas and cannot get any answers from them or anyone else.

I strongly urge her to ask a friend, relative or neighbour to contact her nearest CAB or advice centre as a matter of urgency as they should be able to assist not only with this matter, but anything else that she may be entitled to.



IT is assumed that as soon as the coronavirus has abated sufficiently, we will be able to return to our normal daily life.

It would be also an opportunity for world leaders to get together to resolve all their differences, real or imaginary.

Top of the agenda should be coronavirus, environment and kick-starting the world’s economy. In the UK, the government should now be rigidly closing all the tax avoidance loopholes that allow the super-rich like Philip Green, the former chairman of BHS, to avoid paying taxes, which has deprived over the years the NHS and the Treasury of much-needed funds – the monetary loss to the UK Treasury has been considerable.

R Downes

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IT’S shocking that our frontline workers have to worry about getting the proper PPE to do their jobs.

GCC is a disgrace if it is putting its staff threw all this stress.

No-one should have to worry or fight for the proper PPE.

Frances Mowat Stojilkovic

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I WATCHED the old cup final on BBC Scotland last night – Rangers v Celtic.

I didn’t fully appreciate the quality at the time ... Neil McCann was excellent... and what a game.

Hugh Dalzell

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I WISH the travel companies would be more open with their cancellation policy currently.

I keep reading different information online on whether I can receive a full refund or have to accept vouchers.

Surely customers must be entitled to their money back.

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I’M still witnessing large groups of teenagers striding around the streets without a care in the world.

I do hope the police cracks down on this behaviour.

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