IAM not an SNP supporter but I do feel that Nicola Sturgeon was right in this instance not to sack Catherine Calderwood and I’m disappointed that the chief medical officer felt forced to resign anyway.

Calderwood didn’t follow her own advice but really, is that her fault or the fault of unsuitable advice? How much actual harm did she do? Calderwood drove in her own enclosed vehicle to her private property – she was not in contact with anyone outside the family she already lives with, so she endangered no-one.

She was behaving much more safely than the joggers who blaze past me on the pavement, not paying any attention to social distancing.

Catriona Stewart (Glasgow Times, Tuesday) dismisses several reasons for Calderwood’s actions but one not considered is that the former chief medical officer used her knowledge to understand that she wasn’t spreading any infection. Unfortunately, this is a worrying sign that sensible science is being smothered by political panic.

Robert Frazer

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I BELONG To Glasgow;

In these troubled times;

It’s good to read the Glasgow Times;

A true and loyal friend;

Which is helping this city to mend;

It just never fails;

To report positive and humorous tales;

And to report with honesty;

Journalism with integrity;

Just what we need;

A trustworthy read;

If you live on your own;

You needn’t feel alone;

People make Glasgow they say;

And that’s never truer than today;

And if ever we needed a rallying call;

It’s all for one and one for all;

Glasgow’s a real go getter;

In fact Glasgow’s Miles Better;

And in these dark days if we feel like a frown;

Remember – We all Belong To Dear Old Glasgow Town;

All our front line workers deserve praise;

The Times shows us how they help in different ways;

Like bin-men, NHS and on the supermarket tills;

Vital work all of it – with no frills;

And a vast community of volunteers;

No Captains or Lords – everyone steers;

And for those of us in Recovery I pray;

That the serenity Prayer holds sway

And that first drink or drug stays away;

Just For Today...

Yes – I Belong to Glasgow – Dear Old Glasgow Town!


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