IT was set to be yet another hugely important week in Jo Love’s career.

The Glasgow City star and Scotland internationalist was supposed to be spending the week in Germany, taking on Wolfsburg in the Champions League quarter-final.

That match has quite understandably been postponed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdown.

Instead, Jo has been putting her skills to use elsewhere.
Off the field, the 34-year-old midfielder works for Glasgow City Council within their Scientific Services team – testing things like toys and cosmetics to make sure they are safe for consumers.

And now, as the fight against the deadly virus continues, her skillset is being put to the test to help frontline council workers with hand sanitiser. 

Jo said: “This week I was supposed to be in Germany with Glasgow City, playing in the quarter-final of the Champions League.

“But of course, due to the current Covid-19 pandemic priorities have changed a bit, and my colleagues and I are using our knowledge and resources that we have at the Glasgow Scientific Services to make hand sanitiser for the council. 

“This is for frontline staff workers, which include care workers, refuse collectors and other essential members of the council family.”

She added: “My normal job includes looking after the safety of consumers. 

“Normally we test toys, candles, fuels, cosmetics, fertilisers, to name but a few, and other colleagues in other departments test foods, soils and waters.

“That’s a bit of an insight into what is happening today, I’ve got plenty to keep me busy, and to keep the council’s essential services running.”

The council had previously appealed for businesses and individuals to donate personal protective equipment (PPE) to help council staff for the “long-haul” fight.

More than 30,000 pieces of PPE were donated in a week with Lord Provost Philip Braat thanking the city for its aid.

Councillor Anna Richardson, city convener for sustainability and carbon reduction, said: “The staff at Glasgow Scientific Services do a remarkable job every day, often behind the scenes, keeping the city safe and protecting the public. 

“We are all facing unchartered territory at the moment but this is just one example of how swiftly council staff have adapted and repurposed their skills to play a key role in the city’s response to Covid-19. 

“The production of this hand sanitiser is making a real difference to frontline staff across the council.

“I’m delighted to see Scientific Services get credit where credit is due.”